Friday, May 6, 2011

Ukrainian Style Pysanky - How To Ornament Eggs For Easter

When Easter approaches, easter eggs crafts are at all times a hit. You probably have never embellished eggs your self, but would like to shock your visitors this year, you may learn how to do it. To embellish eggs in Ukrainian style, you'll want to do the following:

1. Choose the best egg. It must be clean and have a good tint, since any spot will complicate your task. It’s not essential to prepare dinner it. Moreover, you'll want to get it out of the fridge in order it reaches regular room temperature.

2. Clean your egg . Earlier than you pursue your task, it's essential to make sure the egg is clean with the intention to efficiently decorate it. For this, it's good to prepare a solution fabricated from vinegar and water. As properly, in order for you the dye to look brighter, add a teaspoonful of vinegar to it.

3. Fancy a design you wish to use for your pisanka. Then, by assist of a pencil, sketch your drawing on the egg. For those who discover it troublesome to invent a design your self, you can look it up in books or online. Pencil sketches are likely to assist you as you g o further and dye your egg. Subsequent, prepare your stylus, in Ukrainian known as kistka. You will use it as a wax pencil. For this it is best to hold it over a flame or some other supply of heat, then collect up beeswax into it and melt it over the flame.

4. Dye the egg . If you'd like it to look exactly as ukrainian eggs, dye it progressively . Prepare the dye in advance, so that it’s ready whenever you need it. Use your kistka to attract with wax on the portions you don’t need dyed. Then dip within the dye. Begin with the lightest shade and observe to the darkest, in any other case your design may fail.

5. Advance to the following darkest color. For this, it's worthwhile to spread some wax on the parts you could have already dyed lighter otherwise you want to dye even darker. Proceed doing this till you have got dyed your egg each coloration you w ished. When you wax over every layer, it is best to wait round quarter-hour for each layer . Every time you remove the egg from the dye, pat it to make it dry. When you're accomplished, the egg shall be slightly well lined in wax, and very dark in color.

6. By assist of a candle or a hairdryer to h eat the wax which is unfold over the egg. When the wax will get sizzling sufficient, use a handkerchief to wipe it off. This is when your wonderful design might be revealed. Afterward put your egg on a stand to dry, so that there isn't a mark left on the egg’s surface.

7. Empty the egg. You are able to do it by blowing it out. As effectively, you can use a syringe to suck it out. Do it rigorously so that you do n’t mess up all of the job .

Get pleasure from your handsome decorated eggs and treat your dear guests to them!

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